Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Paradox to the loop of infinite...

After persisting, allowing, embracing and fighting for a very long long time with patterns, rhythms, oscillations.... dualities,opposites, and of-course the opposites of opposites, again and again, !


sad to know that I have again gone away to look at other new patterns! but remembered not to forget to look at all possibilities, or else, incompleteness may be projected upon the completeness and patterns that never existed invoked with the help of biased and  incomplete perceptions, only to keep the ever existing harmony at the bay and never existing opposites persisting. The paradox of paradox remains not just a paradox, but paradox of paradox.

The programmer's version 1.0:

    if(paradox of patterns == TRUE)

    if(ever existing harmony == TRUE)

Do I still see a pattern?... not when I'm out of the infinite loop of paradox.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Does subject and object continue to coexist?

Entire existence signifies objectivity, to whom? Now here is the subject. Apparently, though it seems that objective presence is always dominating subjective presence, it is only the subjective presence that dominates the objective existence.  And pure subjective presence is complete objective absence!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Creation & Destruction

What is creation?

Can you create something, without destroying anything? If you say yes, be aware, first thing you destroy is the space! Ok leave space for now. If you are going to use some resources for creation, you sure are going to destroy that, though you can claim that you are giving it a new shape, position or attribute. So we can never create anything without destroying.

What is destruction?

Can you destroy something, without creating anything? If you say yes, be aware, first thing you create is space! Ok leave space for now. If you are going to use some resources for destruction, you sure are going to create that, though you can claim that you are giving it a new shape, position or attribute. So we can never destroy anything without creating.


The above paradox is born with our very definition of creation and destruction. Something new, favourable, useful, benefitable and which adds to what we are, we call it creation. Something that is not favourable, not useful, not benefitable and which subtracts from what we are, we call it destruction.

The insights are:

The very definition of creation or destruction is relative.

Creation to some; is destruction to others

Destruction to some; is creation to others.

Our own idea of what we are, defines it.

We can call it creative destruction or destructive creation, but both will mean same.

From the point of infinity and absolute, what would creation or destruction mean?

Sunday, July 19, 2009


all that were born will die

all that die will be born

all that appeared will disappear

all that disappeared will appear

all that expanded will contract

all that contracted will expand

all that is perceived will be forgotten

all that is forgotten will be perceived

all that came together will separate

all that separated will come together

all that was delighted will turn disgusting

all that was disgusting will turn delightful

all these you know, still you are born birth after birth

you killed all and all that killed you

you ate all, and all that ate you

you bore all and all that bore you

you cherished all and all that cherished you

you exalted in prosperity, wept in poverty

you rejoiced in pleasure, suffered in pain

you experienced all impermanence and still consider this body bubble as your permanent abode

all that is, will not be

all that is not, will be

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Oneness is born when the divisions subside may be the saying... but are the divisions true? Do they exist in reality? you will know better when your perception is free from divisions and inhibitions, filters, assumptions so on.
You can say it is non obstructive state of seeing, otherwise you only see thru filters of time, with the burden of past memories and other divisions follow and make the perception further limited
Now from this non obstructive state you can see without filters, attachments, expectations, anxieties and with a deeper true perception which is real for once, once we know the insignificance, impermanence and uselessness of the sense objects bound within time, we get to see the real....
I know this is tricky, ‘cuz I can simply get lost in this!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What moves?

The way mind communicates and expresses is bound to be misinterpreted. To the mind the rivers and ocean are separate as the frame of reference is within time and at that place rivers are far away from the ocean. If they are not two, can Ganges flow up stream?:-)
There are not two: we would know they are not two when we see it from the ocean.
Expression and communication will need division and discrimination of intellect and mind. Sun cannot move from west to east, and you cannot hold sun responsible for its movement from east to west. You move away from earth and you will know that the sun doesn't move at all.
Again... move further away and lo! you find the sun along with its planets move around a point in the galaxy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The path of intellect

Human intellect is helpless when it tries to perceive absolute self through vibrations of mind, body and actions. Through mind, the intellect is powerful to discriminate and create a complex world for itself, and the same intellect can work through towards the absolute self by the same forces of discrimination if applied beyond mind. But this is where there seems to be a catch:

When intellect is applied through mind, the objects of knowledge come and go. The mind can entertain objects that come within the scope of limited time, space and ego. But when the intellect is surrendered to the ideation of the absolute self, it takes you beyond the triple states of physical, psychical and spiritual realms and then the divine merger happens.